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The ménorah is it among the treasure which the Wisigoths hid in the mines of Blanchefort? where in Rennes le Chateau? Blancheforts maintained a secrecy such as one tries to make us believe it! Everyone agrees about on this point! Is the treasure supervised by a secret society? So yes since when and why?

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Does the Saunière abbot cleaned of Rennes le Chateau have T-it at the end of the century last overdraft a fabulous treasure? Which was the secrecy of Bérenger Saunière who spent between 1891 and 1917 more than one billion and half of francs? How to explain that all those which approach the truth make it with the danger of their life? We bring a documentation to you which we put regularly up to date.

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Rennes le Château
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The treasure of Rennes le Chateau or strange life of the priest Bérenger Saunière.
It arrives to Rennes le Chateau on June 1, 1885, it is 33 years old, the common one counts 300 inhabitants then, to reach it it is necessary to climb 3 kilometers of way in laces.
In Rennes le Chateau one feels in another world, half-compartment of all, out of the world, and despite everything that in 1891 it realizes for several million francs of work.
With T-it discovered the fabulous treasure of the kings Wisigoths?

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